Editorial Eastern block

por Adam Siwek

«The inspiration for this series of photographs was one of Warsaw’s old tenement houses where traces of it’s glorious past blend with scars of war and communist era. This is a city narrative, focusing on the record of everyday life and temporariness of the situation juxtaposed with historical background.  For this cooperation, I invited a model of Ukrainian origin which due to the political background helped to create a kind of everyday image of a lonely man in times of frequent migrations. Austerity of the surroundings strengthens the feeling of alienation.»

model. Roman Truskavetskyi @amqmodels

photographer. Adam Siwek @adam_siwek

Stylist. Adam Siwek

Wardrobe. socks(Adidas), shoes (Converse) underwear (Pierre Cardin), pants (Nike)

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